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“The best journeys answer questions that in the beginning you didn’t think to ask”

-Jeff Johnson, 180 Degrees South

Hello World!

We’re Charlie and Kristina and WELCOME to Driftwood Traveler!

This year we packed our possessions, left our jobs, bought one-way tickets to Asia and embarked on a year of adventurous travel…

Why? Back in the states we had great friends, great jobs and great lives and were following the prescribed recipe for success ingrained in most of us since childhood: go to college, land a job, find a partner and have some kiddos.  However, we still found ourselves wondering “what else could be out there?” along with a bunch of other existential questions.  We’ve always wanted to live a life of travel, start our own business and make an impact in the world in some way and we figured if we were ever going to have a go at it, it was now or never. As cliche as it may sound, we’ve both realized over the last several years that we’re most fulfilled when focused on helping others.  

NOW, we’re out there having the time of our lives, exploring beautiful places and learning ways we can make a real difference for people through the launch of Driftwood Import, our social enterprise. We seek to support local communities, artists and makers around the world. How exactly? We’re still figuring that out! We’re in the early stages of exploring this idea, which will grow and change as we travel, learn and receive your feedback.

Driftwood Traveler is the place where we’ll share the stories, photos and videos of our travels in Asia and beyond. We’ll also share stories about the launch of Driftwood Import and periodically ask for your thoughts and opinions. If we can inspire you to follow in our footsteps and travel, or eventually support the Driftwood Import mission, we’ll be delighted!

Why call it “Driftwood”?

Driftwood is nature’s traveler. Aimlessly floating the oceans according to Earth’s currents, it transforms from rough timber into smooth pieces of natural artwork. Each piece contains a unique story that is often overlooked and unless we stop and take a moment, its beauty may go unnoticed.

We love the idea that travelers and the actual experience of traveling share these similar traits and characteristics. Here is OUR re-definition:  

Driftwood: /ˈdrɪftˌwʊd/(noun). A symbol of the developing traveler and the lesser-known, but beautiful places and
cultures of the world that deserve our attention.

A little more about Charlie and Kristina

Well, we’re psyched that you are checking out Driftwood Traveler!

We’re a couple of adventurous, silly and slightly geeky 30-somethings originally from Washington State (Charlie) and Western New York (Kristina). We met in Boston where we went to college together and married in 2016. Charlie worked in the travel industry developing tours for American college students and Kristina worked at a Finance firm focused on responsible investing.

Inspired by Anthony Bourdain and Nat Geo, we love exploring the world’s cultures through food and artistic expression.  Skiing, diving, trekking and anything that gets us off the grid is where we find our happy place.

Mindful travel, and seeking to understand the real people and environments we visit is also a passion and focus for us, especially as we learn how we can make an impact with Driftwood Import.

Thank you for reading Driftwood Traveler, and be sure to sign up for our newsletter below, where we’ll share our latest adventures, provide sneak peeks into some of the places we visit and showcase the development of Driftwood Import. Cheers!


Charlie & Kristina

More beautiful photos from the road

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